Should we start a journal club on equity & inclusion for plasma physics?

There is a huge amount of work ahead of us before we could describe plasma physics as anywhere near being equitable, inclusive, or just. The APS Division of Plasma Physics, for example, has the lowest fraction of women among all APS divisions. At the moment, there are too few people doing this work in plasma physics, and we really need to build capacity and community around this. A journal club like this would give us an opportunity to learn how to work toward a just plasma physics.

We could use the equity & inclusion journal club at the CfA as a template to get started. We’ll probably need to meet remotely using Jitsi like for our community meetings, and maybe we could set up a Matrix chat room or Discourse instance that’s dedicated to discussions on justice in plasma physics. Part of the goal of PlasmaPy is to change the culture in plasma physics to be more open and collaborative, so a journal club like this would be a good fit for us.

What do we think?