Potential Inclusion of PlasmaPy in Proposals

As grant proposal season rolls around, the PlasmaPy Project would like to encourage anyone drafting a proposal to consider including contributions to PlasmaPy. Contributions could include the development of new functionality, educational examples, and/or an affiliated package.

Examples of new functionality might include the development of analysis code for PlasmaPy’s diagnostics or subject specific analytical models/formulae for PlasmaPy’s formulary. Alternatively, the bulk of your code might be too specific to your lab/research, but still have considerable relevance to PlasmaPy. In this case please consider making your package available as an affiliated package with PlasmaPy. This will help us promote the open-source culture in the plasma field. We hope that you will consider this as a potential contribution to the broader impact of your proposal.

Several members of the PlasmaPy Project are funded in part to offer support, advice, guidance, and code review for community contributions to the code base. More extensive collaboration is feasible, however. Please contact Nick Murphy(namurphy@cfa.harvard.edu), Erik Everson(eeverson@ucla.edu), David Schaffner(dschaffner@brynmawr.edu), or Steve Vincena(vincena@physics.ucla.edu) if you’re interested in exploring any of these options. We will be holding informal “office” hours on October 7 & 8 at 2 pm EDT for anyone to stop by, and you may also reach out to us in PlasmaPy’s chat room.